January Meeting January 11, 2020 TDA

Drive! Loop around the Volcanoes @ MT Rainier back roads to Mt Helens Viewpoint
Aug 22 @ 6:30 am – 6:00 pm

This drive will probably be the best and longest one of our covid shortened season. Don’t miss it!.We will set off from Enumclaw Safeway early, meet time will begin at 6:00AM we will pull out promptly no later than 6:45. We can make an exception if you let me know your running later than that. Route will be 410 to 123 to 12. left at Randall, RT131 I believe. then its forest roads up and around St. Helens.We will need to look at time and take a vote to go up to the viewpoint or not. Then its forest road 25 down the back side to Hwy 90. 90 west to 503 into woodland. at which point we will look at the time and take another consensus on how to come home…its a lot of driving, I know….but its the most fun i have had in my car in a long time! (PLEASE NOTE: not for cars that are drastically lowered) there are alot of uneven roads if your car is on the deck you might be chancing it. Paulette and i have already done it so i know it is drivable.

Toys for Tots – HolidayZ Drive @ Outlet Mall - Nordstrom Rack lot
Dec 6 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

So due to alot of interest I’m am officially going to host a post toy donation drive for those of you who would rather take a nice country drive instead of attending the Covid restricted event that Stancewars may or may not be having at Pacific Raceways. We will likely meet the Outlet Mall/ Nordstrom rack parking lot and cruise in together, drop off toy donations ($5 toy required) then gather up outside the raceway. Once we all rally together we will go for a drive. My thought is to take a cruise over to Gig Harbor, cut over to Purdy and then take the back roads Twisties out to Belfair shooting along the shore down around the Hood canal and up 101. Depending on time, interest and weather we may head up to Port Townsend or just cut across the Hood Canal bridge to head home…alot of this depends on interest and game day decisions. lets hope for good weather. I promise a very fun and lively drive! Happy Holidayz hope to see you enthusiasts soon!