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ZCCW Plays WhirlyBall! @ Whirly Ball
Jan 27 @ 11:45 am – 2:00 pm

Come out and play Whirly Ball with the club. free for paid members $20 for guests. It will be a fun event!


LeMay Marymount Museum Tour @ LeMay Marymount
Mar 23 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Come join us as we tour the LeMay Marymount facility, the starting point from where LeMay Museum began.

The LeMay Collections at Marymount & The LeMay Private Garages Tour:

This will be a paid event by the club, so all are welcomed to join us for the tour.

Meet at the office entrance / gift shop at 9am, tour will start at 9:30am.
This is a 5 hour tour with a mid-point refueling (aka lunch) break in between. You can bring a lunch and eat at their facility, or you can head to Pacific Ave. and find something there, but you only have one hour for lunch after which,  our tour will continue.

Our tour will include both the LeMay Collections at Marymount and the LeMay private garages. Remember, this is not the museum near the Tacoma Dome, this is Harald LeMays private grounds where his collection started.
This guided tour gives you an opportunity to see Harold LeMay’s private 300 vehicle Garage, loads of Americana, collectibles and one of a kind treasures. The private grounds are only available for viewing during these tours and the annual one-day open house. A truly unique opportunity. You can visit their website to learn more at

So bring a friend and come out with us for a full day tour and fun with ZCCW and friends.

ZCCW VS. NW-Z Go Kart Challenge @ TBA
Apr 27 all-day


We have a date for our annual go kart challenge with NorthWest Z club (Oregon).


This year, it will be held down in the Portland area, which NW-Z is working on. They have a new facility that we may go to. So check back often to get all of the details. This is our opportunity to go down south, have some competitive and fun go kart racing, and hopefully we can bring the coveted Go-Kart Challenge trophy back home!!

50 years of Z Presented by The Shop @ The Shop
Jun 29 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

ZCCW is Proud to Present in partnership with The Shop “50 years of Z” Cars and Coffee. There will be plenty of parking for everyone we’d love to see examples of all generations of Z Cars. We will have reserved parking for some featured cars but this event is open to any and every one. More details to come soon.

ZCCW All Nissan’s Car Show @ Snoqualmie Casino
Aug 11 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Place Marker for the Car Show. Details will be added as they become official.

Leavenworth/Cabin Drive
Oct 12 – Oct 13 all-day

You do not need to drive a Z to this event…..

We will meet at 9:00 am at the Chevron Station in Sultan just past the roundabout.  Leave there around 9:30 and drive to Janene’s cabin to drop off food and overnight bags (for those who would like to spend the night).  We will then drive some fun backroads into Leavenworth.

We will have lunch in town, do some shopping and maybe some wine tasting.  We will leave Leavenworth around 4 – 4:30 to drive back to Janene’s cabin for a potluck dinner.  This is a fun social event and if you like to play cards, we can have a fun game of 31 (bring your quarters).  We also have a pool table or ping pong table.

You can make this a day trip or spend the night, we have plenty of room. (3 open bedrooms and a loft with several beds)  Please let me know if you want to spend the night so we can plan accordingly.

DRIVE: RIVERS 2 SUSHI RUN @ Southwest Washington Back roads
Sep 24 all-day
Safeway on Whitesell 8:00 AM Orting Wa
We have worked on this route for some time now and feel it is ready to share with you all. We sorted out a number of back roads, side roads and side loops to make a fun and scenic route. See the “discussion” tab for the maps
We will meet in Orting at the Safeway Parking lot, the address is 215 Whitesell St NW Orting.
We would like to arrive around 8:00 and have a drivers meeting then try and head out by 8:30.
This is a long route and will take most of the day. We have planned stops for bathroom breaks and leg stretches. More details about that below.
We will be updating info as the start time gets closer about the weather and stops. Basically it is the same gear suggestions snacks and drinks, chairs, jackets etc. I highly recommend the two way radios. It is a good way to call out stops or if issues arise we can all know what is going on. I think Don has a few extra I have two and I think some other might as well.
The first part of this run kind of follows Ken’s run to Mt. Saint Helens a few days ago. but we will continue East from Elbe and make our way down to Packwood. There is a good coffee place there where we can bathroom break and get some go juice if desired. There is gas in Packwood if needed, they should be having a farmers market this day too.
We follow 12 West but cut off on to some side loops. There is one side cut to Riffe Lake that has a good photo op, but it will need some set up I will discuss this more in Packwood.
Back to more side roads West to Cinebar, then SW to Lunch at Mrs. Beesley’s Burgers by I5.
(We will be test eating here soon and will call it good or bad, so there might be a change.
This leg is 4 hr drive not including all the stops.
After lunch there is gas on the West side of I5. From here out, it is all back country roads. Adna has Ethanol Free gas if desired. At Ingalls Rd we head East to Galvin for another cool photo op.
There is a tavern near here if you all would like to stop for a cold delicious adult beverage.
Back Westward past near our house on all back roads to Oakville. A short run on 12W and we enter the Capital Forest on D-Line. Slower here but super scenic. Perhaps some photo ops in here too.
We exit the forest in Boudeaux near The Mima Mounds I spoke of at the last drive. There is a park there but Discover Passes are required. We can discuss more about stopping here.
We then head North to Olympia where we would like to stop and eat at the Sushi House for Susan’s birthday. This second leg is about 3 hrs not including any stoppage time.
Over all this is 6 hours and 45 minutes driving not including all the stops per the maps. Around 265 miles for the run plus your drive to get there and back. We have plotted additional rest stops at roughly every hour if anyone needs a potty break. Another reason for the radios.
After Sushi we split up and head to respective homes. 101 to I5 is the easiest for most.
We head south back home on backroads again, cuz that’s how we roll.
Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. This is my first planned drive and I may have miss a detail or two.

Looking forward to Z’ing you all for a fun day of driving Z’s