May Drive: Back roads of Kitsap Peninsula CANCELED

May 15, 2022 @ 7:58 pm – 8:58 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Back Roads of Kitsap Pennesula

May 12 Drive update: DRIVE CANCELED!
I have been diligently watching the weather forecast for Bremerton and parts West. Things look poor for a safe enjoyable drive on Sunday. There are lots of tight and blind corners and what could be slippery roads. Considering the danger and to be sure to meet club insurance coverage and after some discussion last night we agreed it would be best to reschedule. Currently I am looking at May 21 or 22 pending some feedback. Watch for an update and confirmation of the date soon.

Update: May11,2022
Drive starting point is still Union 76 station, but meetup time is 9:00 am with departure expected at 9:20 am. Stage 1 is approximately 40 miles and time will depend on how many view and photo time we spend.
Stage 2 will head back North along a busy route beside the Hood Canal. Then North and West again on our way to Seabeck. We stopped there for a bite of food and relaxed with a view of the Canal. Then its decision time on which route you will want to take back.
I clocked 128 mi on the Peninsula on Monday and I think Joe probably did another 100 miles plus from home to Bremerton and back home. It is possible to shorten the route if you need to. Email me for information or questions and route maps.Drive leader and contact: Don Pappe                                                                         

Early morning drive to Bremerton and the 80 miles of strictly two lane back roads. Those of us might want to catch the 7:25 ferry  to meet up point in Bremerton. Depart Bremerton about (10:00) NOW 9:00 and head to East side of the peninsula and the south to far end. Turnaround and head for Seabrook before turning toward Bremerton. Stops for Lunch and photos. The day goes by fast. (More Details to follow)