Cruise to Mary Hill Loops Weekend

May 4, 2019 @ 7:00 am – 2:30 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Star Lake Park and Ride
27015 26th Ave. S. Federal Way
Wash. 98063

Come and join us for a drive along the Columbia River Gorge!
(ZCCW / NWZ Club members and invited guests only!)

We will be leaving the Star Lake Park and Ride in Federal Way promptly at 7am. Make sure that you are ready to roll then, with a full tank of gas and an empty bladder!  Bring walkie talkies set to Channel 1, subchannel 1.

Star Lake Park and Ride
27015 26th Ave. S.
Federal Way, Wash. 98063
I-5 N. or S. exit #147

The first leg of this drive is 152.9 miles; 2hrs.30min.
We will Leave Star Lake Park and Ride AT 7:00am, To arrive at the Camas IHOP / Fishers Landing Park and Ride by 10:30am to meet with Northwest Z Club members, and eat lunch.

STOP #1.
53.3 miles
Maytown Rest Area, Exit #95.
Exit Only Lane.
15min. Bathroom Break.
Leave Rest Area
STOP #2.
133.9 Miles
Rest Area,
Exit #12.
15min. Bathroom Break.
Leave rest area.
At 139.0 Miles.
Take exit #7 towards Highway 205 S.
Merge onto Highway 205 S.
At 149.2 Miles.
Take exit 27 to Highway 14 E. towards Camas.
Stay In the Left Lane.

At 151.6 Miles.
Take Exit #8 to;
SE 164th Avenue.
At 152.5 Miles.
Take Left Turn at the Light onto SE 164th Avenue.
Stop #3. 152.9 Miles.

IHOP! 2900 SE 164th Ave, Vancouver, WA98683-9137
After breakfast, get fuel as needed and meet back at the Fisher’s Landing Park and Ride (just across the street from the gas stations) for a quick meet up with NWZ members and then be ready to leave at approx..12pm to continue with the drive.

We will use I-84 East and parts of Hwy. 30 on the way to The Bonneville Dam, The Dalles, and Cousin’s Country Inn.

Here is the route for departing IHOP / Fisher’s Landing on the way to the Bonneville Dam. We’ll get back on the freeway, going westbound.

2900 SE 164th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98683, United States
Depart SE 164th Ave toward SE Cascade Park Dr
0.5 mi

Take ramp right for WA-14 W
Minor Congestion
1.9 mi

At exit 6, take ramp right for I-205 South toward Salem
Moderate Congestion
Entering Oregon
5.2 mi

At exit 22, take ramp right for I-84 East / US-30 East toward The Dalles
Pass Shell on the right in 8.4 mi
Minor Congestion
31.4 mi
At exit 40, take ramp right and follow signs for 40
0.2 mi
Turn left onto Tanner Creek Rd
0.2 mi
Bear right onto Dam Rd
0.8 mi
Arrive at Dam Rd on the right
The last intersection is Bradford Island Rd

This year, on the way to the hotel, we’ll take a side trip to the Bonneville Dam and skip getting caught up in the tourist traps along the Falls roads on Highway 30. We’ll hang out at the Dam for restroom breaks and leg stretches. We’ll plan to get back on I-84 East after about an hour’s break.

We’ll then drive to the town of Mosier (Exit 69) and take Old Hwy 30 to the viewpoint at Rowena Crest for a photo op, if the parking spaces are available. In the past there have been many tourists parked there to prevent us from lining up our cars…We’ll see how that goes on Saturday, we may just drive through and continue to the Hotel if that’s the case.

Arriving at Cousin’s Country Inn, get checked in and get ready for a group dinner in the banquet room at 6:30pm.

A fun activity on Saturday night could be to drive over to the temporary Stonehenge/Goldendale Observatory for some night time sky viewing through their big telescope. It’s about a 15 minute drive to Stonehenge from the Hotel. The park ranger is brilliant!

Sunday Morning! Bring lots of water, sunscreen, walkie talkies, sunglasses, and food.

We can buy a great boxed lunch from the restaurant at the Hotel. Totally worth it, as there are no places to get food or water near the Loops Road.

We‘ll leave the Hotel at 9am to meet up with other members of both Z Clubs. Be ready to depart the Museum grounds at approx. 10:30am to drive over to the Stonehenge Memorial for photo ops. We’ll hang at Stonehenge for an hour or so for photos, and then drive just down the road to The Loop Road entrance. Everyone drives to the top of The Loops Road for a quick meeting on road safety, before we start the driving on the hill.

Our club is getting an extraordinary deal on the Loop Road rental, so it’s IMPORTANT to make sure that we leave the Loops Road site cleaner than is was when we arrived. We need to pack out ALL of our trash for the day, and grab / pick up anything else that previous groups may have left. The Museum staff trusts us and appreciates how we take care of their area. They kindly welcome us back to drive every year. ;0)

We’ll stay at The Loops Road until everyone decides that they’ve had enough! That’s usually around 3:30 or so. This would conclude our Maryhill weekend.

After The Loops Road, some people drive west to have a rest stop at the Maryhill Winery before they head out for home…It’s a few miles west of the Museum on the same highway.

Cheers, Marty Molloy Cell 425-367-9065